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Web Hosting

Once you have made the decision to setup a company, it is important to have a business name branded website.  Even if you are not selling products online, it is good to have a nice website to get your name out there.  Another very important thing to consider is setting up your email accounts with your business domain name.  I believe that a business that uses free email accounts like gmail or yahoo looks very unprofessional.  There are many companies that you can use to obtain your domain name, host your website and your email.  Most of the companies will have an introductory rate.  It is important to also consider the regular renewal rate...remember you are in it for the long run. 


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If you are going to want to sell products on your site, it will be necessary to have a shopping cart.  There are many shopping cart softwares available.  You need to consider the functionalities that you need and the cost.  Your web hosting company may have a low end product available for free.  If you want to research other options, try searching for shopping cart software or e-commerce.


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