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Many people rely on the markets to generate their income.  This can be a very lucrative opportunity.  At the same time, it can be a complete failure.  Investing or day trading involves lots of risk and at the same time lots of opportunity.  Some people believe in learning to identify the investment opportunities on their own and adopt a standard trigger to identify buys and sells.  There are just as many people that rely on investment newsletters to guide them on what trades they should make.  Regardless of what method is employed, the number one lesson is to stay disciplined.  You need to learn (and you will quickly) that many times the trade is going to be a loss and you need to get out at an acceptable level...even if you think that it might come back. 

There are many different strategies for profitable investing including day trading, long term investments, penny stocks, stock options, etc.  You can find an endless number of investment newsletters focused on various types of investment strategies.  The newsletters are very helpful even if your desire is to do it yourself.  The newsletter will typically tell you the technical data that has triggered their pick.  This can be useful when you are trying to figure out the right mix of technical indicators and when is the right time to strike or to get out.

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Below are some newsletter links to help get you started.  You can always execute a search on your desired investment strategy and find other options.

This company publishes 10 different newsletters (different strategies) - Investment Research Group, Inc.

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